This Pattern is called Bluey: A FREE foundation Paper Piecing quilt pattern

My daughter’s birthday is coming up in a couple of months. Both of my kids are huge Bluey fans (not going to lie, us parents are too). So, she’s having a bluey themed birthday party. I thought that it would be fun to make her a Bluey themed quilt.

When I started looking online I couldn’t find any quilt patterns out there of the members of the Heeler family. This is a very dangerous situation for me because… Well, I have the ability to fill this hole. And so, I did!

Get The Pattern

If you want to download the Bluey pattern and any of the future patterns of the Heeler family and the Sawtooth block all you need to do is sign up for my email newsletter HERE. Make sure you check the box for Bluey and any other free pattern.

The Plan

Here is the plan for my daughter’s quilt. It will feature the four heelers (Chilli is not designed…yet), the logo, and four Sawtooth Star blocks. I will be sharing all seven patterns for free, so keep a lookout for any new posts and emails!

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This is a free pattern and I will not be making any profit from the downloads. If you feel so inclined to support my time, feel free to check out my Etsy shop where I have not only more quilt patterns, but sewing related T-shirts and home goods.


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  1. CorvoArmonia says:

    Love this! I’m going to have to try FPP at some point.


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