Quilt Block Mania: You Can Brew It- Free Tea Bag Foundation Paper Piecing Pattern

This week I am participating in April’s Quilt Block Mania. This is a monthly event where various designers create a free 12″ quilt block pattern according to the current theme. For the month of April the theme assigned was “tea time”.

Sometimes you need a deadline to push you out of a burn out. I started 2022 feeling on fire for all of the plans I had this year for my business, but a couple of months ago I began to fizzle out. Honestly, I kind of forgot about signing up to participate in this month’s quilt block mania.

Once I remembered, inspiration hit and it forced me to FINALLY finish the redesign of my patterns. Presentation has been severely lacking in my patterns, so I did a complete redesign in Canva and I think I came up with something pretty amazing. It’ll take me a bit to update all my past patterns in this new layout, but all future patterns will be consistent with this style.

How to get the pattern:

If you want to get this free tea quilt block pattern or to see a preview of the new pattern layout you will need to sign up for my email list. Simply fill out and make sure to select the “TEA BAG” option on this form. In addition to the pattern you should receive a separate welcome email with two other additional free patterns, Modern Fox Pattern and How to Thread a Book. If you have already signed up for the email newsletter will be sending out an email with a link to the pattern. This is the first time I’m using this method to send out free patterns, so if you have any issues at all let me know by sending me an email at crafttowardsjoy@gmail.com.

If this is your first experience with Foundation Paper Piecing I encourage you to head over to my Foundation Paper Piecing Tutorial for a three part series detailing the basics of this unique piecing method. I truly hope you enjoy making your own version of this block!

More Free Patterns

As this block is part of the April Quilt Block Mania, there are many more free patterns to download! Simply follow the links below to find out how to download them from these talented designers!

If you enjoy these patterns consider joining the Quilt Block Mania Facebook group too!

Tea Time Mug by Carolina Moore
Afternoon Tea by Inquiring Quilter
Not Your Grandma’s Cup of Tea
Stacked Tea Cups by Appliques Quilts and More
Tea Time by Manon Hunt
Muffin Quilt Block by Julia of Inflorescence
Teapot by Duck Creek Mountain Quilting
T is for Temperance by Scrapdash
You Can Brew It
French Macaron by Penny Spool Quilts
Tea Party at Perkins Dry Goods
Teatime Cakes by QuiltFabrication
Broken Sugar Bowl by Becca Fenstermaker
Cake Anyone? by Kaye Collins
Tea Time by Patchwork Breeze
3-Tiered Serving Tray by Nancy Scott of Masterpiece Quilting


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