Bat of the Month: November- Bat in the Air

What is Bat of the Month?

I went over the details in my blog post for the first block in the series. You can read all of that over here, but for right now You just need to know that this series is where I take a traditional quilt block pattern each month and reimagine it into the shape of my favorite animal, a bat.

November’s Block- Bat in the Air

The Month of November’s inspiration block came from the traditional Birds in the Air block. This block is made up of two triangles. One half is solid and the other half contains three smaller triangles in the center, representing birds in flight. The example photo below is a historical quilt made by Deborah Coates, a quaker and member of the Abolitionist movement, during the time of the American Civil War. You can read more about her story on over at the Civil War Quilts blog.

Image from Civil War Quilts

In my version of the quilt block I wanted to capture the image of a bat in flight and since they typically fly in the night I thought that the background of a moon would add an interesting feature not only to this block, but to the overall quilt as well. If you want to join along on the Bat of the Month pattern series you can find all of my patterns (along with a shop wide 20% off sale now until the end of the month) over on my Etsy shop.

Sneak Peek

The month of December will be a break for the designers as the Holidays can be a hectic time for us all. I will have a new free pattern available on December 7th, but if you are just here for the bats then come back here at the end of January to see what the next block, this time based on the Ohio Star pattern, will look like and for a link to its pattern. You can also follow me on Instagram for progress pictures and updates each Monday in January and to find a list of other participants in the reimagination challenge. If you do happen to stop by, feel free to send a message introducing yourself! I would love to get to know you! You can also sign up for my free newsletter below to get a free fox Foundation Paper Piecing pattern and future updates whenever a new blog post is uploaded.


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