Bat of the Month: September- Strip Bat

What is Bat of the Month?

Bat of the Month is a series of quilt block patterns I began when I joined a group of pattern designers who, each month, take a traditional quilt block pattern and reimagine it in their own style. This sounded like such a great way to expand myself as a pattern designer and to challenge myself creatively.

Of course, once I joined, the question was how to make these blocks my own. Making them into Foundation Paper Piecing patterns would be a must. The challenge would be that my niche is quilt patterns for book lovers and those who celebrate Halloween all year. How do traditional patterns fit into that theme?

Then it struck me. My favorite animal is a bat. There are so many beautiful patterns out there already. I have been wanting to take a stab at one myself, but not to take away from the hard work of other designers. This challenge is the perfect way to put my own creative twist on designing one in my style.

So, for each month I’m going to be taking a traditional Quilt block and reimagining it into a bat. This series currently doesn’t have an end date, but, once you have a collection of blocks that you like, you should be able to turn them into a sampler style quilt.

September’s Block: Strip Bat

For the month of September we were supposed to take the Strip Star as our inspiration. Honestly, I accidentally drew inspiration from the wrong block, which is called a Woven Ribbon Star. I think it still works, as each block creates a star shape using strips of fabric.

What I really liked about the woven ribbon star was how it alternated both color and length of strips to add to this really interesting design. Just simply angling the two sides up would easily turn the shape into a bat.

Turns out it was neither simple nor easy to adjust this pattern to fit the picture in my head. Through the designing process, I struggled with the shape either not looking like a bat at all or looking too much like the Batman symbol (which can be argued is not a bad thing, but just not what I was going for). Eventually, I added a straight section at the bottom of the body and a few smaller points in between the strip sections.,

Knowing how much effort it took into getting this block to look just right makes me love it so much more. I hope you all do too! If you want to join along on the series you can find the pattern here.

Come back next month to see what the next blok will look like and for a link to its pattern. You can also follow me on Instagram for progress pictures and updates each Monday and to find a list of other participants in the reimagination challenge. If you do happen to stop by, feel free to send a message introducing yourself.

I look forward to meeting you all!

Jessiesharon Craft.

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