Foundation Paper Piecing Tutorial: Joining Sections


Print off the pattern from last week and make three more blocks. We will be joining all four of them together.


Lay out the bottom two side by side so that the larger white diamonds meet at the top in the middle. Take one and lay it on top of the other, noting which edges are the middle seam.


Take a sewing pin and stick it through the points that are essential to match up, making sure it goes through all layers of fabric and paper. Enter the pin through the place where the seam line for a piece meets the exterior seam allowed line. The pin should exit through the matching point on the other side. For example, push a pin through the top point between A1 and A2. The pin should then exit through the point in between A4 and A5. Keep the pin hanging straight down. Repeat for each matching point.


Next you will want to stick a pin through each corner and then through various places along the exterior seam allowance line. Make sure that the pin enters through the line and exits through the line on the other side. Do not push the pins back through your blocks just yet. Keep them hanging down as straight as you can.


Next you will want to push a few pins through your layers of fabric. I place two rows of them parallel and about half an inch below the seam line I will sew along. I make sure that they go in opposite directions. For example, if I place the first pin with the point going left, then the one below it and the one to the right of it will have its point going right. See the photos below for reference.


To ensure that the essential points meet, I then take the pins on those spots and push them back through the layers of fabric. I do this also for the corner points and then remove any other pins. See the below photos to make sure your project is set up in the same way.


Then sew along the exterior seam line from corner point to corner point, making sure to take out any pins before you sew over them.


Remove the other pins and press the seam open flat.


Repeat for the top sections.


The above steps apply to joining the top two sections with the bottom two.


Press your seam either open or to one side. At this point you can gently rip the paper off your block and remove any basting stitches. You might find tweezers useful for this step.


After taking all the paper off, I like to take the finished block over to my ironing board and press the whole block.


You made your next block. If you need to, feel free to make more of these blocks to make sure you get this skill down. It may seem like a lot of work using all those pins, but I find this to be the best method for making sure those points match.

Come back next week as we take the skills we have learned and apply them to a different pattern.

I hope you are enjoying this series so far, and if you need any extra help, feel free to reach out through email:

Wishing you all the best!

Jessiesharon Craft


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